Custom Bots using RASA Framework and Java (Part 1)

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This blog is published for Capstone Project related purpose by students of MITWPU, School of ECE in partnership with Persistent Systems Inc. under the mentorship of Proff. Dr. Vinaya Gohokar and Mr. Praful Dhone

Introduction : With increase in the application domain of subjects like AI and NLP, the use cases of these concepts is growing numerously.
Virtual Assistance is one such domain which incorporates the concepts of NLP and Programming languages at most basic level, in order to come up with chatbots, which nowadays, are being used in many fields.

This blog takes you on a journey of creating…

Custom Bots using RASA Framework and Java (Part 2)

Welcome to the second blog of the Rasa chatbot project. Let’s recapitulate what we saw in the first part : -

  1. Introduction to chatbots
  2. Content Outline
  3. History Of Chatbots
  4. Jar Files
  5. Making DDF and
  6. Further resources

Here is the link to the first part, in case you have not gone through it. Make sure you check it out, I can assure you that it’s worth it ; )

Following is the outline of what we will be covering in this blog :

  • About RASA
  • RASA Framework Description and tweaks
  • Updates RASA…

Shivam Mishra

Not all those who wander are lost! : )

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